Travel Products for the road warrioress

Try New Products


The Road Warrioress searches out and tries different travel options and products.   Finding what works for her, is the key.   

Booking Sites


Sites that compare prices and find the best options are worth your time.  When looking at the prices and options, consider all the hidden fees.   A user-friendly site is Expedia.

Lowest Prices


The lowest prices may not be the best deals.  Before booking the lowest airfare, car rental or hotel, check out the terms, additional fees , if the car is on-site at the airport, if the flight has multiple connections, etc.    



Rather than endorse one specific brand of luggage, my suggestion is to look for what fits your needs and body.    Light-weight, small with double rollers, metal double-bar handles, inside and outside pockets.  Check out eBags for many great options. 

Totes & Bags


Be willing to try different styles and sizes of totes and briefcases.   Depending on the travel, you may only need a briefcase.  On other trips, you may want a larger, open-structure tote bag that can accommodate your small purse, equipment and computer.  Check out eBags. 



Accessories are the kryptonite of the Road Warrioress.   Scarves in all sizes and colors,  brooches and pins, hair clips, shawls and distinctive jewelry provide the extra "pop" needed to set you apart.   They give you the flexibility to change the basic clothing you've packed so that you look like you've got multiple outfits at the ready.